Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Totally Mild - Her

Her, the new album by Melbourne's Totally Mild, is a basket of wonderfulness.  We get frontwoman and songwriter Elizabeth Mitchell's bright and elegant pop vocals, intimate lyrics with the right balance of clear-eyed introspection, sorrowful reflection, and saucy attitude.  Guitarist Zach Schneider is a master in creating delightful soundscapes without seeking to steal the show.  Lehmann Smith is an ace with the bass and drummer Ashley Bundang is terrific here and in every project she graces (which henceforth, will not include Totally Mild as she will focus on her other projects and Dylan Young will take over with this band).  The songs on Her vary from gentle pop to highly dynamic ventures, but all are characterized by a solid melodic core and an adventurous approach to structure.  By virtue of the sex and thematic focus of the songwriters, the stories are told from a woman's perspective, but our male-dominated staff wholeheartedly embraced this album.  And for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the bright pop tones are just the medicine we need to get through the end of winter.

Her is out now via Melbourne's Chapter Music.

Bandcamp for Her
Chapter Music

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