Thursday, February 15, 2018

Holy Motors - Slow Sundown

Sad love songs for driving down the desert highway under the stars, surrounded by the reverbed and twanging of three guitars and understated female vocals, that is Slow Sundown.  It oozes longing, desire, and rejection.  It will remind you of the American West, and it may remind you of Mazzy Star or Canada's Cowboy Junkies.  What it probably won't remind you of is Estonia, the eastern Baltic country that happens to be the home of Holy Motors.  The five-piece is atmospheric as hell and a bit sexy, in a post-Valentine's Day rejection sort of way.  We like it and recommend it for your ears.

Slow Sundown is out now via Brooklyn's Wharf Cat Records.

Bandcamp for Slow Sundown
Wharf Cat Records

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