Friday, February 16, 2018

Lowtide - Southern Mind

Dreamy shoegaze, or gazey dreampop?  You can ponder that essential question while getting lost in Southern Mind, if you want.  But you know the answer doesn't matter.  The album is a beautiful panorama of swirling, layered dream pop with a steely rhythmic core, and to give it a chance means giving up hours of your life to getting lost in its wonders.  Consider yourself warned -- we have played it 15 times in the last 36 hours.

Southern Mind is the sophomore album by Melbourne's Lowtide.  It's nine tracks have no weakness, just a succession of treats.  Our favorites are the dreamy pop of "Alibi", the sprawling jangle of "A. C", and "Fear", which has a J&MC/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Howl Sessions) vibe with a dreamy wrapper.  Ask us tomorrow, and we may have a revised list.  The artistry shows in the intricate textures, the careful pacing and floating vocals.  But in the end, the standing ovation is owed to the virtuoso songwriting of remarkable consistency and quality.  It would be a shame if Southern Mind were to fly under the radar -- don't let it out of your sight.

Lowtide are Gabriel Lewis, Lucy Buckeridge, Anton Jakovljevic, although former member Giles Fielke participated in recording this album, as well.  Southern Mind is out today, February 16, via Rice Is Nice and Opposite Number.

Rice Is Nice Bandcamp page for Southern Mind (Aus/NZ, & US orders)

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