Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ewan Cruickshanks - A Glasgow Band

A Glasgow poet and musician, Ewan Cruickshanks is energetic and given to somewhat offbeat humor.  Thus, it is no surprise that his debut album, A Glasgow Band, arrives as an energetic and somewhat offbeat take on indie pop.  It also is charming, accessible and loads of fun.  Ewan is no slave to genre, so you will find love songs, rockers, dance floor instigators and whatever interests the man, but that just keeps it all fresh and interesting.  And the one consisted thread is positivity.  This is uplifting music that should help you get few the next few months of winter.  The two tracks below are especially good, so give them a listen.

A Glasgow Band is out in digital and vinyl formats on Friday, February 9, via Armellodie Records.

Bandcamp for A Glasgow Band
Armellodie Records

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