Monday, February 26, 2018

Stef Animal - Top Gear

Here at WYMA we applaud audacity coupled with inspiration and execution.  In fact, one could say that is our reason for existing (well, that and the generous beer budget).  So we are happy to give some press to Stef Animal's Top Gear.  Kiwi Stef's concept is to take various pieces of disused, ignored or obsolete equipment (and for one composition, an electric duck call) and use it in crafting a piece in a single session.  At times cinematic, at times ambient, and often playful, the album is comprised of 15 lo fi electronic tracks that will surprise and delight.  And those old enough to recall the days of early electronic devices made by Casio and Commodore will get the extra benefit of a nostalgia hit.  For the benefit of you tech geeks, Stef has thoughtfully included the equipment used with each song title on Bandcamp.  Enjoy a unique sonic adventure!

Top Gear is out now in CD and digital formats via Fishrider Records.  See the Bandcamp link below.

Fishrider Records' Bandcamp page for Top Gear


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