Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wild Cub - new video for "Thunder Clatter"

We've been following this Nashville electro-rock duo for most of 2012, and thought you'd like to have a look at their latest video - for the song "Thunder Clatter" from Youth. This song leans heavily in the Afro-pop direction that's caught on among young rock bands in the last couple of years - the difference being, to me, the vocals here are fuller.

Our review of Youth is here, and if you search "Wild Cub" on our site, you can see some other videos as well as a few free song downloads we've featured. The visual part of art is pretty important to these guys - lead man Keegan Dewitt is also a film composer. Wild Cub is a very impressive new band - it's all good but I especially like Dewitt's vocals.

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