Saturday, December 1, 2012

REVIEW: Pile - Dripping

Boston post-punk band Pile is playing some pretty aggressive (and, at the same time, melodic) rock music. On their latest record, Dripping, the bass-heavy hardcore sound is somewhat reminiscent of The Pixies, or maybe The Offspring - a full-on bass/guitar attack supporting very strong, but somehow disaffected vocals, at the same time sacrificing nothing in the way of songcraft. I'm also reminded of some post-punk metal bands like Mastodon... but no one comparison is right on, which to me is a good sign. There are some nice downbeat moments on here, too - the short, penultimate "Steve's Mouth" is almost sensitive.

There's definitely some dissonance, but the good kind, like maybe Slint? I don't mean to overdo the comparisons, but with a band that's new to me, it is kind of inevitable that I gravitate to them, especially if they are good ones like they are with Pile. After all, the point is to entice you to listen...

Here's the lead track, "Prom Song":

You can check out the album, and buy a download, at Bandcamp:

You can order the vinyl at Exploding In Sound Records. I like it, and look forward to exploring the back catalog a bit.

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