Monday, December 24, 2012

18 New Christmas Songs from Summersteps Records - Free Downloads!

From Summersteps Records, home of Kid Icarus and Eww Yaboo (whose combination of garage and grunge we extolled last year), comes a very generous Christmas music compilation/label sampler.

A combination of originals and standards, it's got a little something for everyone - and definitely a few cuts you will want on your Christmas mix. Favorites on first listen include "2000 Miles" by straws, a well-played shoegaze with resonant female vocals, Kid Icarus' "On Boxing Day" - which really just rocks, and the sweet power-pop of Langor's "Yantsor, the Candy Cane Maker"... but you may favor other tracks on here, including a spare, acoustic version of "Last Christmas" by Geez Louise which restores the plaintiveness that you'd think the song ought to have, if you did ever think about it. By the way, once I did spend the time to think about this song (rather than just scream and twist the dial as I do when Wham's version comes on), I kind of wished I hadn't... I mean, why write a song to someone who dumped you LAST CHRISTMAS? Anyway, it's a nice little ballad, as is Obvious Dolphin's take on "White Christmas".

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