Friday, December 21, 2012

Black Tambourine covers Ramones

This ranks as one of the really great musical ideas of the year.  The beloved noise poppers Black Tambourine, while reunited recently, decided to record covers of five Ramones songs.  And the recording is available at Bandcamp in physical form on Slumberland Records or name-your-price on digital.  Well, Merry freaking Christmas to all of us!

I realize that the cell phone and French Press coffee maker may be a better overall inventions, but this ranks as a seriously good idea.

Black Tambourine is Pam Berry, Archie Moore, Brian Nelson and Mike Schulman.  Additional vocals by Jenny Robbins and The 'Rinettes (Rose Melberg, Dee Dee, and Jenny Robbins.

Slumberland Records page for Black Tambourine

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