Friday, December 7, 2012

The Soul Corner - Clarence Carter "Slip Away"

I saw my man and WYMA favorite Charles Bradley this week, and he and his great band tore it up as usual. Fantastic show.

A highlight was a perfect cover of the 1968 classic "Slip Away":

"Slip Away" was recorded at Rick Hall's FAME studios with the great Muscle Shoals house band shortly before that band left to found its own studio a year later.

I dig the wah wah guitar here and love that the silky smooth sound of the song nicely offset its rather nasty lyrical intentions.

Clarence Carter was one of few soul singers of his time who was a college graduate, earning his degree from Alabama State College in 1960 after studying at the Alabama School for the Blind in Talladega.  

Carter performed for decades and never failed to include "Slip Away".  
I can't believe I waited this long to include this one in the Soul Corner - thanks for the suggestion Charles Bradley! And here is the one and only Mr. Bradley performing "Slip Away" earlier this year:


Frank Fahey said...

Great way to start a Friday.

Frank Fahey said...

Great!! The twofer was appreciated.

Edoc said...

Thanks for this. I'm not familiar with Clarence Carter, but I'll be checking him out now. I've been listening to Howard Tate, Eddie Hinton and Don Covay lately, so this fits right in.

Jim Desmond said...

Edoc, thanks for following us here at WYMA. Those 3 are all great places to dive in. Eddie Hinton was featured on Soul Corner - your post is a good prod for me to get to Tate and Covay.