Wednesday, December 5, 2012

REVIEW: Finn LeMarinel - Violence

Neither acoustic folk nor singer songwriter genres are my primary focus.  But some works just demand space on a blog devoted to helping bring deserving musicians a wider audience.  Violence, by Glasgow's Finn LeMarinel, is such an album.  What makes it special?  Certainly, part of it isFinn's wistful high tenor and distinctive guitar style, with a syncopated tapping that gives some songs a Brazilian feel and generally adds depth to the arrangements.  But the songs themselves, rich in imagery and intimate in feel, are the stars of the show.

Finn's art isn't just what he does with his voice and fingers.  It is what he doesn't do.  Violence has a confident sense of space, and what space can do to emphasize the sound.

You can stream the entire album here.  If you like it, hit the Bandcamp link below.  The label is Ubisano.

Finn also is the frontman for the indie rock band Trapped in Kansas.

Twitter ( @FinnLM )

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Anonymous said...

i don't know finn. about neo-folk, i'm a fun of damien jurado and mary gauthier (indie-folk). now, i'll listen finn. thanks