Tuesday, December 18, 2012

REVIEW: Big Wave Riders - Life Less Ordinary

Big Wave Riders are one of the many excellent bands to emerge from Finland recently.  With a sound that encompasses multiple genres of guitar-based rock and pop, with echo and other effects, surf rock touches and even dance rock, their 2012 LP, Life Less Ordinary, is a bold and self-confident announcement that the band is not to be ignored.  And if you like fuzzed-out guitar, hazy vocals and rock anthem hooks, you'll love these guys.

Sample Life Less Ordinary with the infectious opening track --

A good example of the group's refusal to play between the lines others might expect of them is "Sunny Season" -- a delightful guitar and synth dream pop song that verges on dance rock territory --

A group this competent, and this willing to follow their own muse, seems to me to be well positioned for success in a music world in which tastes are fickle.  And as an opening statement, Life Less Ordinary can only be regarded as a triumph.

Big Wave Riders are Teppo (vocals/guitar), Aleksi (bass/backing vocals), Anssi (guitar/backing vocals/keys), Pete (drums), and Lauri (sax/synth/guitar).  The band was founded in 2010, and issued an EP in 2011.  Their music is released on Finnish label Soliti.

Artist's webpage at Soliti Music
Soliti Music

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