Monday, August 27, 2012

REVIEW: Young Kato - Young Kato EP

What were you and your best mates doing in your late teens?  I'm certain we could come up with a long list, some of which might even be of interest.  However, unless you are more precocious than I was, I think it likely we'll score this round for Cheltengham, UK's Young Kato.  The six-piece band, with an average age of 18, is signed to Manchester's LAB Records.  Their debut EP was released on August 26, and their smashing single from the EP, "Drink, Dance, Play", was released in late May.

"Drink, Dance, Play" opens the EP, and showcases the band's unabashed intent to play guitar/synth pop anthems with upfront hooks and soaring vocals.  A warm, infectious call to live for the moment, it is a great summer song.

But while "Drink, Dance, Play" may be the focal point of the Young Kato EP, the other three tracks demonstrate that this band promises to have staying power.  "Break Out" is a similarly paced album that deftly follows the loud/soft template.  "Life's Good" is an interesting song with somewhat less fireworks, but a nice melody, full sound and excellent vocals.  The final track, "Revolution" is a burning post-punk track that ends the album as it started -- with evidence that this is a band from which we can expect to continue to hear great tunes.

Young Kato is Tommy Wright, Jack Edwards, Joe Green, Joe Lever, Harry Steele and Sam Henderson.

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