Thursday, August 30, 2012

Check out "Touchdown Jesus" by Brick Mower

Happy College Football Season Everyone!

Brick Mower describe themselves as New Jersey living room punk, and that works for me, except they humbly left out the fact that they're really good at it. That's a bonus, because anyone who puts out a song with a connection to this

is gonna get play on a site where all the contributors are domers.

Brick Mower is releasing their second full-length, My Hateable Face, on Don Giovanni Records, on 2 October. They're also putting together a tour in October. You can see the dates and places on their page at Blogspot. And check out their Bandcamp page, where you'll also find their other stuff, including an EP for free download.

And I hope wherever you are this Saturday morning at 9 am Eastern Time, 6 am Pacific Time, or 2 pm Dublin Time, you'll hoist your pint of Guinness toward the sky and yell, "Go Irish, beat those ACL-hating Midshipmen!"


Jim Desmond said...

Hardy. my goodness, I can't imagine a song that would ever fit this blog better. Did you and Rocksteady form a band? This is you right?!?

Anonymous said...

That was excellent. I look forward to hearing more. I found a profile of them on (a great site, for those into the punk rock).