Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beat Connection - Palace Garden

I confess to being a fan of Beat Connection, but I actually have a complaint about this album, which is this: If you are going to release an album of high quality summer electro-pop, such as  The Palace Garden, why not release it at the start of the summer?  The answer may be that Beat Connection resides here in Seattle, and we didn't get true summer weather until quite recently.  But I imagine that other regions actually got summer more or less as predicted by the calendar, and those folks have been deprived.

However, we can't hold a grudge, because regardless of its timing, this is a welcome vacation-time treat.  With danceable beats, chiming synths and a palpable Caribbean feel, the music manages to be chill and feel-good.   Some tunes may be more appropriate for the poolside, and some for the club floor, but it all works.  Particularly evident, is the band's feel for melody, which allows The Palace Garden to transcend the fairly large volume of synthesizer music generated in today's marketplace.  It is an album that you will want to take along on your end of summer adventures.  Rave on!

Beat Connection was formed by Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger, who gained some well earned press and devoted fans with their EP Silver Screen.  For The Palace Garden the group includes Tom Eddy on vocals and Jarred.  The album is released by Tender Age.

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