Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free song from Middleton Hall

When you hear some cities mentioned in connection with a band, your first assumption may be that there will be a bit of a country influence.  Nashville, Tennessee is such a place.  And Bakersfield, California, of course.  And certainly Dunfermline, Scotland ... wait ... what?  Yes, Middleton Hall of Dunfermline has made available for free download "First Bus Out of Town", a sparkling, country-tinged guitar pop song about the occasional need to be the first to break off a relationship.

The band was begun in a couple of years ago, but the current line up wasn't in place until this year.  The members of the band are Steve Haddow (guitar and vocals), Simon Ellen (guitar and vocals), Dougie Shanley (bass and vocals), and Gordon Helm (drums).

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