Wednesday, August 15, 2012

REVIEW: Lorelei - Enterprising Sidewalks

With post-rock structures and rhythms, intriguing melodies and guitar tones that alternate among icy detachment, formidable distortion and a warm chug,  Enterprising Sidewalks -- the first album in 18 years from Washington, D,C,'s Lorelei -- is a welcome entry into the 2012 soundscape.  At a time when many bands, including many other bands (new and old) on Slumberland Records' roster are ably producing at the warmer, fuzzier end of the pop scale, Lorelei continue where they left off, justifiably confident in their ability to write complex songs that reveal themselves in layers.  It all is on display in album opener "Hammer Meets Tongs", so I suggest that you give it a spin.

Enterprising Sidewalks probably will be one of the more unique albums you'll hear this year.  It just may challenge what you think about the structure of a pop song.  Just as you settle into a pop hook, the tempo changes and the guitar begins to shred.  Songs that you think have ended will take off in a new direction.  If you are like me, you favorite tracks will change with repeated spins, but overall it is an enthralling album that seems better with each listen. I highly recommend it.

Lorelei are Matt Dingee (guitar), Stephen Gardner (bass) and Davis White (drums).  The label is Slumberland Records, and the album was released on on Tuesday, August 14.

Slumberland Records

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