Thursday, August 23, 2012

Natalie Pryce -- And Other Tales

Natalie Pryce are here to provide musical entertainment.  That isn't to say that they are here to make you feel better.  In fact, this Glasgow band may help expose that last raw nerve.  But they will make you feel, and it will be an interesting musical ride.  They have a new album to  showcase their talent, but they are trying to raise funds for the physical pressing and distribution.   If you go to their website, you can click on the button and contribute to their cause.  Participation ends on August 31.  Let's let Mark Swan, the lead vocalist for the band tell the story:

As Mark explains, the album was recorded in two days with one take for each track.  The approach gives the album a visceral live performance feeling.  And the music itself is highly visceral, veering between  heartache and bitter anger.  There are twelve tracks, and each is named after a person or character.  The first have of the album focuses on females, the second half on males.

However, they also have made ... And Other Tales available for free download, and there is a link for that on their website as well.  Here is excellent album track "Elizabeth" --


In addition to Mark Swan (vocals/harmonica/melodica), the members of the band are Greg Taylor (guitars), Steven Litts (bass), and Stephen Coleman (drums).

Take a walk on the wild side, and experience other tales ....


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