Friday, May 4, 2018

Lanks - twentyseven

Will Coming is an Australian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer.  He collaborates with other artists frequently, but also records and performs as Lanks.  After several EPs, Lanks has released a new album titled twentyseven, and in our view it is adventuresome, melodic, and hook-filled, while managing to be perhaps the most accessible electronic music on the scene today.  Coming builds tracks masterfully, injecting mystery and earworms in equal measure while the sonic landscape fills with intruiging, and at times unexpected, details.  He is equally adept at dancefloor staples, cinematic soundscapes, breezy pop, and late-night downbeat slow jams.  Sometimes for Christmas you may receive one big present.  Other times you might receive numerous packages of gifts both diverse and delightful.  twentyseven is like a multiple package Christmas, and it has become essential listening around here.

twentyseven is out now via THAA Records.

Links for purchase/stream of twentyseven

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