Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"Everything Will Be Fine" by Milkpunch

In our view, "Everything Will Be Fine" is appropriately named because every time I listen to it -- and we have listened to it quite frequently since we discovered it last weekend -- everything seems so much better.  We tend to develop obsessions about certain songs, and we think we have a thing going on about this one.  The good news for you, for us, and for everyone, is that the song is available as a free download.  See, we told you -- everything will be fine!

The song is by Milkpunch, a band named for a cocktail.  It started life as a bedroom project for young Brazilian Raf Lima.  Raf has moved to Sydney, Australia and added Liam, Jo, and Sam to the band.  Last year they released debut EP Junk Pop (Bandcamp link below), which featured "Iced Tea", a crunchy rocker you can watch in video below.

Bandcamp for "Everything Will Be Fine"
Bandcamp for Junk Pop EP

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