Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Boys - Rest In Peace

Rest in peace is a fine sentiment, but our advice is to take no rest until you have acquired a copy of Rest In Peace.  The album is the creation of young Swede Nora Karlsson, who writes and performs as Boys.  Karlsson, who also is the guitarist for Swedish band HOLY, possesses an angelic voice, but the triumph of the album doesn't rest on the quality of the vocals alone.  Her songcraft is exceptional, and her brand of dream pop is sprightly, dynamic and substantial.  Lyrically, she shows a sharp insight for the world around her and the successes and failures that are part of growing into adulthood.  Rest In Peace reflects ambition and rare talent.  We will be interested in the next chapter for Boys, but we can be patient and enjoy this album for a long time.

The album is out now via Stockholm's PNKSLM.  See the links below.

PNKSLM store for Boys

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