Monday, February 13, 2017

Young Romance - Another's Blood

I expect that everyone, romantically inclined or not, defines 'young romance' in their own way.  But for us here at When You Motor Away, songs of heartbreak voiced by a female vocalist over a backdrop of ten-ton drums and guitars recalling The Jesus and Mary Chain is about as good a working definition as anything else.  "But where would we find that?", you ask.  Well, Young Romance, of course.  The London-based duo consisting of Claire Haywood and Paolo Ruiu formed in 2013, and has been gaining momentum with each show and record, and releasing their debut LP Another's Blood a few months ago.  Their music will invoke favorable references to The Kills, Cults, and to some extent Sonic Youth.  The melodies are excellent, the performances energetic and professional and the entire package is fresh and exciting.  We think Another's Blood is a very strong debut, and suggest you get a copy and keep an eye on this band.

Of course, it probably would have been more professional to have published this post last fall when the record was released, but we don't claim to be professionals, and we certainly aren't paid like professionals.  And we'll claim timeliness based on (1) the vinyl version of the album now being available, and (2) it is Valentines Day this week, which is a perfect time to celebrate Young Romance.


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