Thursday, February 23, 2017

Donovan Blanc - The Color Of Hearts

Lush pop, hooky disco, sweet love painted in gentle pastel tones and soft rainfall, some spot-on '60s Brill Building stylings, a touch of funk  -- that's The Color Of Hearts by New Jersey duo Donovan Blanc.  It is the band's second album, and suggests that despite the high standards achieved in their first outing, which are nevertheless exceeded with this album, we probably haven't yet heard 'peak Donovan Blanc' yet.  A couple of gems are included for your evaluation below, but you can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link (where the more alert readers will discover that a ten-song download is only five dollars).  By the way, the title track isn't a Bee Gees cover, but you could be forgiven thinking that it was.  I don't think it insults anyone to suggest a favorable comparison to the Brothers Gibb.

This album will put a smile on your face for a good long time.

Bandcamp for The Color Of Hearts

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