Monday, February 27, 2017

"Don't Ask Many Questions" by Former Bullies, new LP Stranger out now

Former Bullies, the Manchester, UK project headed by Nick Ainsworth, aren't prolific in the recording studio, but their music always is welcome.  Their sweet spot is warm, accessible guitar pop with a touch of melancholy -- simple but affecting.  They remind me a bit of Liverpool's The La's and San Francisco's The Mantles, both of whom are in regular rotation in my collection.  The band's new single is "Don't Ask Many Questions", which also appears on Stranger, their latest album.  The single is available now, and you can take it for a test listen on the sweet video below.  The album is out now in digital and vinyl formats via CF Records and Towed By The Ghost Records.  See the Bandcamp links below.  I highly recommend the single and the album.  Stream along, and I think you'll agree.

In addition to Ainsworth (guitar/vocals), Former Bullies are Matthew Taylor (bass) and Tom Settle (drums/guitar/vocals).

Former Bullies on Tumblr
Former Bullies on Twitter
CF Records' Bandcamp for Stranger
Towed By The Ghost's Bandcamp for Stranger

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