Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tangerine - Sugar Teeth EP

As the press has noted quite a bit lately, citrus has bountiful health benefits.  Daily doses are recommended for all who care about being healthy.  We're here to note an alternative way to bring extra citrus in your life - Tangerine.  A modest investment (as noted at the Bandcamp link below) will bring you an endlessly refilled supply of Tangerine's latest product, the four-song Sugar Teeth EP.  The record kicks off with the crunchy rocker "Tender".  Next is standout "Sunset", which artfully meshes the abandon of slacker pop with the sharp hooks of chart pop.  "Wild Heart" swaggers down the narrow path between the two in a fashion that would do The Strokes proud.  After three stylishly up-tempo songs, the EP closes with the title track, a delicate, shimmering gem that underscores the trio's depth and vision.  Citrusy Tangerine -- it will make you happy, and happy makes you healthy.  And not to offend, but a bit of dancing wouldn't hurt you in the least.

Consisting of sisters Marika (vocals/guitar/keys) and Miro Justad (drums) and Toby Kuhn (lead guitar), veterans of other bands, Tangerine was formed in 2013.  Sugar Teeth EP is out February 19, but can be pre-ordered now.

Bandcamp for Sugar Teeth
Swoon Records
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