Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Doug Tuttle - It Calls On Me

I seems to me that there has been no shortage of hyphenated psychedelia lately.  You know, psychedelic garage, psychedelic electro-pop, psychedelic surf and so on.  And that is just fine, but then an album like It Calls On Me comes into your life, and you are reminded just what pure psychedelic music is.

A product of Doug Tuttle, formerly of Mmoss, in his second solo effort.  The record offers nine songs with folk-rock underpinnings, splashes of country, dreamy sun-baked atmospherics, hushed harmonies and the intricate layers of guitars that provide the core of psychedelic pop (yes, a hint of hyphen from me) in the '60s-'70s heyday of the genre.  You'll find a bit of Kurt Vile, CSN&Y, the Byrds, Laurel Canyon bliss, and Fairport Convention DNA here.  But the triumph here is that the overall effect isn't imitation of others, but a man telling stories in a well-mastered voice.  And for the gem of a record within the record, the three song sequence of "Falling To Believe", "On Your Way", and "Saturday-Sunday" is divine.  In fact, I've replayed it a few times writing this post.

In addition to Tuttle, the band is Justin DeArmitt, Jesse Gallagher, and for stage performances, Noah Bond.  It Calls On Me is out now via Trouble In Mind Records.

Trouble In Mind Records

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