Friday, February 26, 2016

Future Elevators - Future Elevators

The debut self-titled album from Future Elevators makes a strong case for keeping your eyes open for new bands from, perhaps, unlikely places.  Birmingham, Alabama probably does not come quickly to mind when thinking of places to find good indie pop bands.  You more likely think of it as a place for southern rock, Americana, Gothic folk, and country rock.  And of course you will find quality music in each of those channels in Birmingham.  But multi-instrumentalist and creative engine for the project Michael Shackelford improves the city's rich musical tapestry with a brand of indie pop that takes new wave, Krautrock, folk and chart pop and gives it a futuristic but eminently ear-friendly gloss.  This album goes down easily and deserves repeats.  And if you make playlists of your music, "Modern World" will be on it.  But "Losing Sleep" and "Alabama Song" may end up being challenging for favorite status for different reasons.

In addition to Shackelford, Future Elevators are Ramy Noureddini, Robert Wason, Matt Devine, and John-Mark Dorough.  The album is out now on Communicating Vessels in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Communicating Vessels

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