Thursday, February 11, 2016

Plastic Animals - Pictures From The Blackout

Pictures From The Blackout by Edinburgh's Plastic Animals kicks off with the ringing post punk guitars and aggressive bass notes of "Ghost".  And by the time the last note of the stately and grandly swelling "Holy Daze" fades, you've heard the racing Krautrock of "Colophon", the spacey dream pop of "Sigh-Fi", the moody shoegaze of "Yellowcraig", the dense post-punk guitar romp of "Portal" the wonderful, glistening grunge-pop of "Diane", the surf/Kraut/dream blend of "Demmin", and the lovely dream pop of "Burial Party".  The band labels their music 'atmospheric sludge rock', but I consider it delicious indie rock ice cream sundaes with nuts, whipped cream and a cherry.  The range, versatility and skill displayed by the band is breathtaking, and the attention to little details rewards repeated listens.  If you like your post punk a bit more on the pop side, you may find the album backloaded, but no slight to the earlier songs is intended or deserved.  For a modest price, Pictures From The Blackout delivers a lot of pleasure.

Plastic Animals are Mario Cruzado, James Lynch, Dave Wark, Ben Slade, and Jean Michel Morin.  Pictures From The Blackout is out now via Song By Toad Records on vinyl and as a digital download.

Bandcamp for Album

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