Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fourteen Stories Tall / Twisting the Knife from Pale Lights

Brooklyn's Pale Lights released Before There Were Pictures, an LP of chiming, jangling guitar pop in May.   When I discovered it in July, I opined that it was one of the better jangle pop albums of the year (review here), and nothing since then has dissuaded me from that view.   The quartet probably could have be forgiven if they rested on the laurels of that release, but instead they are closing out the year with a fine two-track single, Fourteen Stories Tall / Twisting the Knife.

For me, the obvious touchstones are the Go-Betweens and some of the early Flying Nun bands such as The Bats.  Both songs have bright tones and appealing melodies, although the lyrics paint a different picture.  "Fourteen Stories Tall" advises a woman to leave a man that doesn't treat her right, while "Twisting the Knife" asks a man why he hasn't left a woman who has done him wrong.  Great stuff, and a great little digital single that will brighten your holiday season for $2.

Pale Lights are Phil Sutton (rhythm guitar, lead vocals, songwriting), who also has been a member of Comet Gain, Andy Adler (lead guitar) from Crystal Stilts, Lisa Goldstein (drums, vocals), and Maria Pace (bass).  For this single, the band also received contributions from Suzanne Neinaber (backing vocals) and Kyle Forester (keyboards).


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