Friday, November 7, 2014

Human Hearts - Loyal Opposition 7"

To celebrate Friday, we have another pop gem from that wonderful little organization devoted to the 7" format - wiaiwya-7777777.  This recording is from Franklin Bruno and Jenny Toomey calling themselves Human Hearts.  Jenny is a veteren of indie bands Tsunami, Grenadine and Liquorice, as well as founder if indie label Simple Machines.  Frank is a member of Nothing Painted Blue, as well as a singer-songwriter, writer, academic and blogger.  Their collaboration on the Loyal Opposition 7" marks Jenny's first new music in 12 years.  As you would expect from someone with her resume, she has chosen well.  The duo also enjoyed the assistance of  violinist and vocalist Jean Cook.

Consisting of two tracks, the Loyal Opposition 7" presents two faces to fans.  The title track is lush, atmospheric pop with jazzy accents.  Put on earphones and be transported into another world.  "Distracted" contrasts with a bouncing melody featuring a throbbing bass line and piano and guitar solos.  Jenny is in top form on both tracks.  Folks, this is top shelf pop music, and you can only get it at wiaiwya-7777777.

Bandcamp for record

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