Friday, November 14, 2014

Pretty Sad - Pretty Sad EP

When it comes to perfect little pop gems, Shelflife is one of the most reliable labels in the world, and they've proved it again with the digital only self -titled release for joint Scotland-Denmark-England project Pretty Sad.  The original intent was to release these three songs on vinyl, but realities of production and the top-quality of the songs suggested that a current digital release was the correct approach.  With the band members in different locations, songs are drafted and exchanged via digital files rather than face to face in a messy flat, but that shouldn't matter a bit to listeners.  There is no A side here -- all three tracks are lead-off quality dream-pop songs.  The vocals soar, the guitars chime, ring and jangle and the bass rumbles.  The arrangements are full, even lush, but retain the punch you expect from a good indie band.  I've replayed the EP five times in a row in an attempt to rank the songs, and I just can't choose.

You can stream the entirety of Pretty Sad EP below.  If you are a guitar pop fan, you likely will be tempted to replay it several times.  But remember, if you hit the Shelflife link below, you can own all three songs for $3.  That should make your weekend a bit happier.

Pretty Sad are Victoria (guitar/vocals), Luke (bass), and Maxim (guitar).  They intend to release a full length album on Shelflife in 2015.

Shelflife page for release


snakebite black said...

These songs are slight, will get blown away in the digital wind. Would have been a waste of plastic.

Popkid92 said...

@snakebiteblack Whoa, pull up killer, tunes are fine. Shelflife are proven ace selectors, this is a taster for an LP, put your guns away.