Friday, November 28, 2014

Firestations - Never Closer

Firestations are five Londoners who create energetic dream pop with some shoegaze and psychedelic moments.  Twelve of their creations comprise their Never Closer LP, which recently was released on Waltz Time Records.  The instrumental centerpiece is chiming, ringing, jangling guitars, but in addition to a traditional rhythm section the band makes use of electronics, flugelhorn and flute to flesh out the sound.  The vocals are strong and the arrangements interesting.  I'm listening to the album while writing this post as Pacific Northwest rain slams into my office windows, and I'm quite sure that this brand of melodic indie rock is just about perfect for the day.  Standout songs include "Forgetful Man", the title track, "French Caves" (all of which can be streamed below), and "Tightrope".  If you like dream pop, this may well be an album for you.  You can stream the entire album at the band's website.

The band members are Michael Cranny (guitar/vocals), Laura Copsey (laptop/flugelhorn/flute/vocals), Martin Thompson (guitar), Chin Keeler (drums), and Giles Littleford (bass).  Prior bands include Dark Captain, Quickspace, and Left With Pictures.

Waltz Time Records

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