Tuesday, October 23, 2012

REVIEW: The Maginot Band - Peace and Quiet EP

When I first became aware of The Maginot Band, they weren't The Maginot Band.  They were The Maydays (prior posts here and here).  I don't know whether the Caithness natives (far northeastern Scotland) are hiding from the law, or just dodging some ex-girlfriends, but the name has changed.  However, the lineup is remains the same, and they still make great music.  Their latest effort is the Peace and Quiet EP, which is out now on the When You Awake label.

With six members (Jordan Shearer - vocals, Calvin Wilson - bass/vocals, Kevin Swanson - guitar/vocals, Jamie Swanson - guitar, Liam Whittles - organ/piano, and Darren Coghill - drums), the band features a full sound with bright guitars and athemic keys and vocals.  The organ is prominent, and the overall sound is indie pop with a touch of psychedelia.  It is great listening, folks.

All the tracks are included for your evaluation below.  I have included the Soundcloud version of the lead single, "Slow Down Sundial", as well as the video because it contains a link for a free download.

You may stream and purchase the Peace and Quiet EP at the Bandcamp link below.


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