Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New single from Fear of Men

Yes, it is that time again -- the happy occurrence of another release from Brighton's Fear of Men.  No, this talented lo-fi four-piece hasn't purchased ad space on the blog and, to my knowledge, has no blackmail material regarding me or the other contributors.  We simply think that they have a great sound and have a knack for creating songs that you want to hear over and over.

The latest effort is the two-track Mosaic 7", which will be available as of October 15 on vinyl.  The record is released by Too Pure, and can be pre-ordered.

The title track is somewhat different from past Fear of Men songs, as it has samples from an old church sermon interspersed with their retro '60s sound.  As usual, the harmonies and arrangements are solid gold.

"Your Side" features a wonderful bass line.

And the additional great news is that Fear of Men is planning the release of an LP collecting their singles in early 2013.

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