Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Lucid Dream: "Love in My Veins"

Some tasty psychedelic rock:

Jangle, check.

Tambourines, check.

Fuzzy guitars, check.

They've kept company with Brian Jonestown Massacre on a British psych compilation and toured with another good band I've featured on here recently, The Crocodiles. Good stuff, looking forward to hearing more. You can listen to several songs at their Soundcloud and Myspace pages (links below).

The Lucid Dream - Love In My Veins by The Lucid Dream

And here's the B-side "Devil Rides Out":

The Lucid Dream - Devil Rides Out 'The Time and Space Machine' re-mix 7" version by The Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream Soundcloud

Lucid Dream Myspace

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Lucidity Industries said...

Love In My Veins sounds a lot like some of the British music which came out of the Britpop scene but didn't get as much attention as Oasis or Blur or even Suede. Sounds great. Plus I love the name The Lucid Dream which brought me to this blog!