Thursday, February 20, 2020

Joy Mills Band - Echolocator

A superficial characterization would put The Joy Mills Band on the shelf labeled "modern country", but a more thoughtful consideration of the tracks on Echolocator, the band's new LP, prompts consideration of "roots" and "alternative pop", as well. But we music fans know that the label is unimportant. The important factors are the emotional resonance, the internal colors conjured in your mind, and the lasting impact of the songs when the last note fades. And in these areas, Echolocator arrives as a winner. We found ourselves drawn into the stories, reading the lyrics, and enjoying our own memories prompted by the songs, as well as impressed with the merger of country twang and indie pop shimmer. Nicely balanced between upbeat stomps and ballads, this is a set of music that has made a tough week a lot more bearable. Give it a chance - no prescription required.

The Joy Mills Band are Joy Mills (guitar/vocals), Tom Parker (bass/vocals), Lucien LaMotte (guitars/pedal steel), Mikel McDermott (drums), Jack Quick (keys/vocals). Echolocator is out now in digital and CD formats.

Bandcamp for Echolocator

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