Sunday, February 9, 2020

Dropkick - The Scenic Route

You may not be aware that Scotland's Dropkick is one of the finest jangle pop bands on the planet, but if not it certainly is time to educate yourself. After all, the freshly released The Scenic Route is their 16th album and how many chances can they be expected to give you? It has everything we need: Jangle, fuzz, harmonies, and hooks. Nothing here is complicated, and nothing here should be complicated - just 10 expertly crafted musical arrows aimed at our hearts. Better late that never for a good Dropkick.

Dropkick are Andrew Taylor (vocals/guitars), Mike Foy (drums/vocals), Ian Grier (keys), and Alan Shields (bass/vocals). The Scenic Route is out now via Madrid label Bobo Integral.

Bandcamp for The Scenic Route

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