Monday, March 5, 2018

The Ancients - Frozen Aisle

Our primary job here is to bring to you music we like and deserving of your attention, rather than to help you look cool with your music friends, but sometimes we can't help giving you a tip that should make you the smartest indie pop consumer in the world.  And today is such a day.  Today is the day we tell you that Melbourne's The Ancients have delivered Frozen Aisle.  The album, their fourth, is a masterful example of hooky pop music delivered through a dream pop filter and decorated with psych pop touches.  The unease in the lyrics is well-balanced by welcoming arrangements and the precision of the performances.  The result is intimate, a bit hazy, and utterly captivating.  This is one of our favorite records of the first quarter of 2018.  Yes, we like it that much.

The Ancients are Jonathan Michell (guitar/vocals/keys), Georgina Ward (bass), Julian Patterson (drums), Hamish O'Neil (guitar/keys), and Sophie Perillo (keys/vocals).  Additionally, Nicole Thibault played trombone on "Frozen Aisle" and "Recluse Grove", and Alanna Lorenzon contributed backing vocals on "Here With My Baby" and "Frozen Aisle".  The album is out now via Brisbane's Tenth Court Records.

Bandcamp for Frozen Aisle

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