Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Camp Cope - How to Socialize & Make Friends

Those of us that love scrappy, punk oriented guitar pop and aren't profiled in one of the songs on How to Socialize & Make Friends.  If you are profiled as one of the assholes who have burdened the three women who comprise Camp Cope, you should rethink your life (although you probably won't).  The songs crafted for this album by the Melbourne trio are heartfelt and authentic, and performed with passion.  Despite the "punk" label, a number of the tracks are mid-tempo with stripped down instrumentation, and their is a bit of folk to the delivery.  Perhaps think of it as a feminist Beat Happening.  But why speculate? Test out a few songs below, and if they work for you head to the Bandcamp link.

Camp Cope are Georgia Maq (vocals/guitar), Kelly-Dawn Kelso (bass), Sarah Thompson (drums)

Bandcamp for How To Socialise & Make Friends

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