Monday, March 19, 2018

Caroline No - Swimmers EP

Wandering the internet and stumbling on to the Swimmers EP by Caroline No is like realizing that you are hungry, 10 miles from home, and you forgot your wallet, and then finding a $20 bill on the ground -- salvation and satisfaction in one, unexpected event.  The record consists of six dreamy, lo-fi songs by Melbourne's Caroline Kennedy and friends that manage to be very sweet and satisfying despite their unassuming presentation.  The overall impression is of hazy romanticism and emotional exploration, but without drama or anxiety.  Take a chance -- discover Caroline No.

Kennedy, whose past projects include Plums and Deadstar wrote all of the songs and created the album art.  For this record she is joined by Ian Wadley (drums/bass), Mick Turner (guitar/keys) and Marty Brown (drums on track 4).  Mick Turner also produced the album

Bandcamp for Swimmers EP

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