Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Lloyd Meadows - Oxford Synthesiser Club

Let's say an artist is capable of Harry Nilsson/John Lennon dream pop, jangling guitar pop, endearingly wonky synth pop, chart-reaching electropop, '80s yacht rock-meets-experimental, and baroque pop -- and you have a record quality song of each? Well, most artists would choose a style and write more songs like it, saving the others for another day. But if you are young Australian Lloyd Meadows, you realize that you've got an EP ready for the world. So you record it, name it Oxford Synthesiser Club, and release it. Job done! Actually, no, job well done. The songs here are melodic, well written, and manage to be playful and slightly fragile. It is a truly special EP, so put on your earphones and give it a spin.

Oxford Synthesiser Club is out now via Ottawa's The Beautiful Music in CD (see label page) and digital (see Bandcamp link) formats.

Bandcamp for album
The Beautiful Music

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