Thursday, July 19, 2018

"Slob" by The Salient Braves

One of our favorite albums last year was Delusions of Grandeur, by The Salient Braves (link to our review).  Matt Bailey and his pals have been a bit quiet on the release front since last fall, but that is understandable as counting the piles of money earned from that record must be very time consuming.  But the musical muse has done its work, and they are back with a new single titled "Slob".  The song reflects this band's appealing sweet spot -- melody, humor and wry commentary on the human condition.  In this edition, we hear the lament of a man who has let himself go and been abandoned by his love.

We like a track quite a bit, and we suspect you will as well.  However, we are firm in our denials that we were the model for the cover art.  We can't un-see that, you can't un-see that, but in any case it isn't us.

Bandcamp for "Slob"

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