Friday, April 29, 2016

The New Tigers - Vindication EP

A new day, and new music from The New Tigers.  The four musicians from Turku, Finland, have released Vindication EP via Soliti Music.  Offered as a digital download, it consists of four songs that showcase the dreamy power pop that this band has always done so well.  The instrumentation has hints of shoegaze and psychedelia, but the pace, melody and hooks plant their flag in the indie pop camp.  Opening track "Visions" immediately remind us why this band has been a favorite of ours for years.  And if hearing "Visions" makes you inclined to agree with us, the following "Chewing Gum" should convince you.  It showcases the band's ability to shift gears during a song and keep the listener completely enthralled.  "Polar Night" has a Luna-does-Britpop feel, and they nail it.  Closing track "Dissolution" combines psychedelia, dream pop and shoegaze in a hazy 7+ minute epic.

Don't settle for tired old tigers.  Get The New Tigers -- you won't be sorry you did.

The New Tigers are Appu (guitars/vocals/glockenspiel), Valtteri (guitars/vocals), Janne (bass/synth), and Ville (drums).

Soliti Music page for Vindication EP
Bandcamp for Vindication EP

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