Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Letters" by 23:23

The uniquely-named 23:23 is the side project of Rami Vierula, frontman for the Finnish dream pop band Delay Trees.  The songs he writes and performs for 23:23 are lo-fi, nocturnal musings, dreamy and intimate.  A prior album was titled 23:23 Album Trilogy, and he now will follow it with an EP named To Die On A Faraway Island With You.  The EP will be available via Helsinki's Soliti Music in October, but you can here the first song shared from the record below.

"Letters" is a poignant tale of unanswered letters, and unrequited love.  Vierula is ably assisted by Ringer Manner (The Hearing) on the vocals.  The combination of '60s pop duet and fuzz rock soundtrack is very affecting.

Bandcamp for October 2014 release

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