Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"That's Right" from Tuff Love, new EP soon

One of our favorite discoveries last year was the Junk EP from Glasgow band Tuff Love (here).  Then a trio, Julie Eisenstein (guitar/vocals) and Suse Bear (bass/vocals) now work as a duo.  We are happy to report that the release of their second EP, Dross, is fewer than two weeks away.  The first single from the new record was "Slammer", which we featured last November (here).  We now have the video for a second track, "That's Right".  Packed with crunchy guitar, burly bass and gooey harmonies, it is just what we need to brighten up our winter days.

Dross EP will be released via Scotland's Lost Map Records.

Lost Map Records page for Tuff Love

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