Monday, January 26, 2015

H. Grimace - I Am Material EP

You may find the name H. Grimace awkward, or you may find it memorable.  But we strongly suggest that you find the band's I Am Material EP.  It is available as a cassette or download (i.e. iTunes), and the songs are terrific.  The EP commences with standout track "Imogen".  Throbbing, woozy and urgent, you  have my permission to fall in love with this band at first song. I did.  The following track "Royal Hush" initially slows the pace, but is suffused with an ominous intensity that builds to a satisfying release.  "To The Shaggerston" moves into '90s alt guitar/shoegaze territory with muscle and attitude.  "Immaterial Girl" and "Great Divide" are fulsome slices of crunchy indie rock, with intertwined guitars and clever hooks.  Closing track "Wasted Sun" is a slow tempo, brooding jam that leaves you wanting more.  We have provided three tracks below, and you can stream the entire album at the Soundcloud and Bandcamp links below.

H. Grimace is a London-based four piece founded by Hannah Gledhill (guitar/vocals) and Asher Preston (drums/vocals).  More recently they added Shan Pasha (bass) and Marcus P. Browne (guitar).  I Am Material EP is out now via Soft Power Records.  The band will be touring the United States this winter with San Francisco band Couches.

Bandcamp for cassette
Soft Power Records

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