Friday, August 2, 2013

REVIEW: Béisbol - Lo-Fi Cocaine

Beisbol is a duo, brothers Jeff and Ryan Burian. Originally from Southern California, now based in Portland, they describe their sound simply as "pop rock music with synthesizers implemented within." But like a lot of one-line descriptions, that falls woefully short of capturing the joy in this music. It's summer pop, for sure, and very well-crafted, deftly combining yet hiding a variety of pop rock influences throughout the album. Songs like "Ready For Something" and "Disappear" have more than trace amounts of Steely Dan influences. "Disappear", with a falsetto vocal, is kind of mesmerizing:

Here's "Big Folk", a sweet, soothing instrumental:

Here's "Nothing Strange", probably the best, most fully-realized track on the album - and a newly-released video:

Béisbol - Nothing Strange from Emilee Booher on Vimeo.

It's a most impressive debut. There aren't many ways you could get sounds this smooth yet invigorating from just two dudes... it probably helps, them being brothers. It's out now (released in June) on Bad Cop Records. Looks like iTunes or Amazon is the way to buy, for now.

Beisbol website
Bad Cop Records

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