Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adelaide 7" from Bitch Prefect

We try to be a patient bunch.  While waiting for Bitch Prefect's upcoming LP, Bird Nerds, we have been listening to the opening track, "Drifting", which we featured recently (link).  And we've been reading our bird-related publications, Birds of Australia, Ducks Unlimited Monthly and Chicks of Spring Break Gone Wild.  Next week, fans get a bit more to tide them over - the release of the Adelaide 7".  Consisting of two tracks, the title track and "Better Next Time", it will be released by Brisbane label Bedroom Suck Records.  Both tracks also are on the upcoming album.

"Adelaide" is about the members of the band leaving their hometown of Adelaide for a bigger city --

The b-side is about drinking, family relationships, going to the races, and trying not to repeat past mistakes --

Bitch Prefect is Liam Kenny, Pat Telfer and Scott O'Hara.  Bird Nerds will be released on November 4 by Bedroom Suck Records.

Bedroom Suck Records

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