Tuesday, August 6, 2013

COMPILATION: Twin Library - Moss Pop, 2008-13 (plus new album due out in fall 2013)

Edmonton's Twin Library is a band I'm always happy to write about - they have a way with a guitar hook, affecting vocals (usually with plenty of reverb) and a lo-fi approach that has endeared them to me from the first time I heard them. To help introduce the world to their music and raise awareness ahead of a new album due out in the fall, they've made a retrospective compilation Moss Pop, 2008-13, available on Bandcamp for "name your price". It's a collection of some of their best songs from their first 5 years - but only songs under 2:00 on this record.

Here's "There's Always An End", with a guitar line that's sure to appeal to fans of GbV, Pavement and Sebadoh:

Here's "The Surgery Never Left" - a nice crossroads between GbV and Jesus & Mary Chain:

Here's "The Camera Birds", with plenty of reverb and noise, including squalls of feedback on the guitars:

And finally, "An Engine Submerged", a sweet jangle-guitar song reminiscent of early R.E.M. and you-know-who:

This is really good guitar pop/rock, with enough variety between feedback-laden drone stuff and jangly pop stuff to keep you coming back. There's a limited edition cassette available, or you can name your price at Bandcamp - just click through one of the songs above to hear more or download the album.

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