Thursday, November 12, 2020

"Press 4 For Love"/"A Rainy Day In Glasgow" by Strawberry Whiplash

It has been a long five years without new music for our Glasgow friends Strawberry Whiplash, but they are back in fine style with Sandra's sweet vocals and  Laz McCluskey's Rickenbacker on the two-track single "Press 4 For Love" / "A Rainy Day In Glasgow". This duo has always offered the perfect blend of twee pop and Creation Records fuzz, all embellished by the aforementioned jangle machine.

The single is available now via Matinee Recordings. Welcome Laz and Sandra back.

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Matinee Recordings page for single

"The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-2018" by Fixtures

 If anyone is paying attention, we are focusing on singles this week. Today's offering is by Brooklyn, New York's Fixtures. The song is "The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-2018". I know the wise guys in the crowd are saying "oh yeah, I remember that. It was awesome". Don't believe them! Anyone who says the recall and extended tequila flood is a poser who wasn't engaged in any meaningful way.

But, um, back to the music. Fixtures create the kind of raw pop that worms its way into your brain. And we don't mind because it is good stuff. "The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-2018" is the second single from their upcoming album Weak Automatic, which will be released December 4 via Bobo Integral Records.

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Bandcamp for Weak Automatic

Monday, November 9, 2020

"World In Numbers" by Permits


One album coming out this month that we are eagerly anticipating is Time Permits by Melbourne, Australia band Permits. The album will be released on November 26 via Brisbane label Tenth Court. But you can hear the latest single, "World In Numbers" right now. The track has a relaxed powerpop vocal over a driving VU-style rhythm. Very promising stuff indeed.

Permits are Tristan Davies, Tam Matlakowski, Dusty Anastossiou, and Rob Remedios. The members also belong variously to other bands, including The Shifters, Pop Singles, Day, and Chook Race.

Bandcamp for Time Permits

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

"Terminal Daze" by Kindsight


Depending on where you are when you read this you may be ending your weekend or beginning the new workweek. Regardless, we have just the tune for the moment. "Terminal Daze" by Copenhagen quartet Kindsight. "Terminal Daze" is a pristine slice of Nordic jangle pop with a retro coming of age soundtrack feel. It makes us nostalgic and peaceful, and we welcome those feelings wholeheartedly. We also note that the band has been signed by Stockholm's Rama Lama Records, which is a sign of quality in our book.

Kindsight is comprised of Nina, Sore, Anders, and Johannes. And if you like this, the Bandcamp link will also lead you to the dreamy melancholy of the band's August single "Who Are You".



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